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All Hail the Idiocracy

I'd never consider my dad an optimist, normally. However, when I tell him things that come down from Head Office - things I hear directly from the people who work there that come into the store themselves, not second or thirdhand rumors or worse, he never believes things could actually be as bad as I'm saying. "Nobody could possibly be that stupid." I tell this back to the long-suffering bookkeeper, when we will then agree that it's one of the things you should never, ever say, because you will immediately be proven wrong. Head Office is exceptionally good at doing so. Captain Logic is not steering that tugboat, let me tell you.

It's become my theory that just as the lowest bid is accepted for a project, so are people selected for management based on who can submit a plan that will save the most money. Whether or not the plan will actually *work* is entirely irrelevant. Whether or not you can even make the plan pretend to make sense to people that don't know how it works, like how you comment out a bit of code that's making your program not compile and describe the intended function in some more comments to try and at least get a partial grade, also seems to be irrelevant. Not that the thing with the code would even work in the real world, but it doesn't seem to stop them from trying. You can tell that they've never been anywhere near an economics course, but there must be somewhere offering a credit in "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Fudging the Numbers For Your Own Benefit". And that the ones that bothered to take it only got, at best, a C, as they're unable to create numbers to fit into real equations upon request, only bad excuses.

And they get paid a lot more money than you to do this, since nobody will hire you. Because you're not already being paid a lot of money to do this, and didn't graduate yesterday. As if anybody graduates trained for a specific company's needs anyhow.

I cannot stand people with too much power and too few brain cells.

At least the ones with too much *alcohol* per brain cell can occasionally be amusing, such as the one last night who managed to trip over a large cardboard sign tower. Which was up close to a display rack, not exactly in the way of traffic. Was also bright red. And taller than he was. Didn't see it? Really, now?
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