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Mormon mashup...

Open these both in separate windows, then set them both playing at the same time, and turn the volume down in the one you're watching. If you're good, they'll move in time to the music in the other one!

Busiest night I've ever worked there, tied for the night before mother's day this year. I have absolutely *no* idea why it was that busy, it's not a long weekend or anything. All 4 u-scans out of $20s when I came in, not too strange for a friday night. But one was out of $5 bills, which I've only seen happen once before, and then later, one ran out of coins, and that's a first. When it runs out of fives, you can put it credit or debit only, but when it runs out of coins, it makes this horrible buzzing noise and the only thing you can do is open the machine up, unplug the part that handles the coins, and close the machine down entirely because it won't work at all with it disconnected. Gaaaaaah.

Three drunk girls in, one could barely walk, one could barely walk *or* talk, the third was doing a little better than the others...I was terrified she might be the designated driver.

Three drunk guys, two freaking out because we actually made them *pay* for their half eaten sandwich and half drank was able to pay for his sandwich, the other eventually had the only one of the three who wasn't screaming at us pay for his water. Loudly demanding a comment card so he could file a complaint. Repeatedly. Despite the presence of security, probably the only reason he didn't end up in a catfight with our grocery guy...look, it's a *store*. You don't get to complain about being asked to pay. Sorry.

"It's open 24 hours, but you'd never know it!" - no, not from the big glowing sign outside that says "Open 24 hours" in several foot high letters, of course not.

"All this automated stuff, what is the world coming to? It's like..." ...armageddon. Stock up on the baked beans and spam. They're on sale this week.
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